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What's New for TY2014

Harry Bonfanti (Morris County) has put together a nice summary of federal changes for TY2014 - click here

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What's New

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Tax Law

CBT: What's New

Tax Law Changes

IRS Pub 4012 Volunteer Resource Guide
p 5 - FACT SHEET – For Partners and Employees Quality & Oversight Updates for 2015 Filing Season
p 11 - Important Changes for 2014

TaxWise Online



2014 TaxWise and TaxWise Online Enhancements (from CCH)

NJ changes to TWO screens - TY2013 to TY2014 (01-13-2015)

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

CBT: Affordable Care Act

ACA Overview Part I v6

ACA Overview Part IIA v6

ACA Overview Part IIB v6

IRS Pub 5157 Affordable Care Act

IRS Pub 5157-A Affordable Care Act - Taxpayer Scenarios

ACA Course from CBPP: (Highly Recommended!)

See also How to get to the CBPP Course (thanks Harry!)

New Jersey



NJ 2014 Income Tax Information page

NJ Important Changes for 2014 page